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About Chloetex Yarn Agents
Welcome to the Chloetex website, provided by John Lewis.

Why use Chloetex Yarn?

We have been in business, supplying top quality yarns to the fabric manufacturing industry for over 15 years. We currently work with some of the largest and best fabric manufacturers in the UK, helping and advising them in choosing yarns suitable for their specific requirements.
We source our yarns from the best spinners in the world and have been choosing the finest and most reliable companies to work with for very many years.

John Lewis Experience

John Lewis is probably one of the most experienced yarn agents in the United Kingdom today. John is a:

• Chartered Textile Technologist

• Fellow of the Textile Institute (FTI)

• Experience of managing a woollen spinning, weaving and finishing plant in Huddersfield, so is well qualified to help and advise with yarns suitable for your purpose. 


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